Be a Visionary

//Be a Visionary

Do you avoid trying something new because it takes time? Time you can’t spare?

There’s a way to make big changes, with big dividends, without investing any more of your time.


The trick is to switch your thinking from mission to vision. They are two different views or attitudes. You’ll be amazed at the difference this mental shift will make.

Vision is what attracts people to your cause. As Simon Sinek says in his famous TED Talk, “Start with Why.” When people hear WHY you are doing what you’re doing they care.

Caring leads to donating, joining, volunteering and advocating.

Chances are you have been talking about WHAT you do. I don’t blame you, what you do is important, but it’s not what attracts followers.

Think of religious leaders or politicians. They paint the big picture. Sinek points out that Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream.” He didn’t say, I have a plan.

How do you make the switch?

First, make sure you are clear on your vision. What is it your organization exists to do or change? How would the world look if you succeeded?

Then talk about that. Stay away from the details – the what and how – until your listener shares your vision and is eager to find out how to be part of your mission.

You’re the visionary, they’re the missionaries.

You inspire, they follow.

Try leading with your vision at your next networking event. Or even your next board or staff meeting. This new practice will change the conversation.

Your vision is your dream. Make it come true by sharing it with more and more people. Together you will make it happen, you will be a visionary.