Vision Before Mission

//Vision Before Mission

Let’s get started with a simple but necessary concept. It’s about what’s in your head and what comes out of your mouth.

It’s your message.

A shift in the way you think will open up a world of possibilities. It really is that simple.

The shift is from Mission to Vision.

Do they sound like the same thing to you? It may help you to think about the difference between a Visionary and a Missionary.

One imagines what is possible, the other does the work.

Both are good. But it’s Vision that makes something happen. It’s Vision that attracts followers. It’s Vision that makes change possible.

A visionary leader is a magnet who draws in other people. You become a visionary leader the day you start sharing a vision.

Vision is the big dream, your passion.

Think for a minute about the reason your organization exists. What would be different if you were to succeed?

That is your Vision – a dream for the future. It works for you

Vision is contagious. People respond to your passion and your dream, not to the details about your work.

As Simon Sinek said in his popular TED Talk, referring to Martin Luther King, “He gave the I Have a Dream speech, not the I Have a Plan speech.”

Sinek explains the brain science behind why we act based on emotions rather than logic. Why all decisions are emotional. Think about it, I bet a recent shopping splurge or a big donation was inspired by how it made you feel. Facts and figures back it up but they don’t drive choices.

Dreams inspire. They inspire action, they inspire giving.

Build your story around your dream for the future. Paint a picture of your vision. Then simply make the case that your organization is the one to fulfill that promise.

For examples look to corporate giants with loyal tribes like Apple Computer or Starbucks. Also, think about great political or religious leaders. They share a vision and they have devoted followers. That’s just what you need!

Make the shift. Be sure it’s Vision that you communicate. Vision that drives your choices – because it will drive everyone else’s as a result.

Vision before Mission.