I’ve always loved that quote.

It takes a team. It takes teamwork.

No matter who you are in the organization, you can do better if you gather a team around you.

Teams can be formal or informal. They should always be diverse. You want perspective, views, opinions and insights.

Blur the lines.

Internally, it’s time to let everyone in on the leadership game. You have a lot to gain by creating teams that utilize and develop everyone’s talents. Shared leadership fills the void created by departing founders or retired CEOs.

“Leadership is the practice of maximizing the use of one’s individual talents and the potential of a team to develop and execute a vision…

Everyone is capable of this kind of leadership. …Our organizational models ignore people’s ability to contribute and instead prescribe a very defined role for them. Shared leadership happens when we maximize everyone’s ability to step into, at the right times, the leadership they are most suited for while coordinating our activity to achieve an impact larger than the sum of its parts.” The Future of Nonprofit Leadership: Worker Self-directed Organizations, NPQ, Simon Mont  March 31, 2017

It’s not about one leader. One founder. One ED. It’s a strong team. A series of teams.

Another way to blur the lines is to go beyond your established boundaries.

Reach out. Within your own organization team up with employees, board members and volunteers. Create the best team for the task rather and pull members from outside your organization.

I bet you can recall a time when you were part of a great team. It doesn’t matter if it was volleyball or a selection committee. A good team is a powerful thing.

Make sure you open the possibility for teams to form, work and produce results.