Social Media is Not a Miracle

//Social Media is Not a Miracle

Here’s the sad truth: Placing a magic red button on your website didn’t increase your donations. Social media is not a miracle

Why didn’t technology deliver for you?

Your website and social media are simply tools to tell your story.

When you have a story to tell you can tell it in many different ways. But first you need a story.

You never counted on a brochure for donations, the brochure was a tool you used to strengthen a connection. The same is true for Facebook or Twitter. They aren’t going to work for you unless you have something to say that people are open to hearing.

Become a storyteller first. Then share your stories – in person, on your website and on Facebook. Share storytelling photos on Instagram and post your storytelling on YouTube.

Don’t wait for miracles. Use the tools you have to broaden your reach.

What you can expect as a result is to move people closer to a donation. Provide a steady stream of good news so when it is time to ask, you have an attentive audience.

Then they’ll hit the magic red button.