Pitch. Not Perfect.

//Pitch. Not Perfect.

Here’s a quick thought for the day. Take a page from the entrepreneurial tech community.


A pitch is a short (usually 5 to 10 minute) overview of your organization. It’s designed both to share information and to attract attention. You generally wrap it up with an ask.

There are pitch competitions – even for nonprofits. There are Shark Tank like pitch events including 1 Million Cups, a weekly coffee fueled event that allows start-ups (including nonprofits) to share their story. And ask for money.

If you are planning to pitch, keep in mind that perfection is not the goal. I’ve watched 100s of pitches. The most polished are not the best. The winners are the ones who sincerely share their passion for their work.

I have a lot more to say on this subject and I offered workshops for pitch practice but for today, just remember perfection is not the goal. What you are looking for is connection. Start a conversation that will make your audience want to know more.