Pitch! How to speak & inspire giving

//Pitch! How to speak & inspire giving

Pitching is what you are doing every time you talk about your organization. Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation or you are on the stage sharing with hundreds.

You are the pitcher and what you say matters.

A great pitch, in baseball or fundraising, takes a great pitcher. You can become one by learning and practicing a few simple rules. What will you win? More advocates, more volunteers, more donors. It all starts with you.

Here are 7 secrets that will make you a master at pitching your organization.

  1. It’s not the greatest need that attracts the most money. It’s the best pitch.
  2. Decisions are emotional. If they don’t like you, they won’t even hear you.
  3. Remember this simple formula: There is a problem, we are the solution. Skip the details, just make it clear that a problem exists and you, uniquely, can solve it.
  4. Before you educate them, excite them.
  5. Before you tell them how, tell them why.
  6. Before you ask, inspire.
  7. Tell a story. Stories stick, they’re memorable and they connect you to your audience.

Build your pitch with these 7 rules and you will attract the resources you need to build capacity.

Hear Merle present a workshop, Pitch to Win: How to Inspire Giving, at Planet Philanthropy in St Augustine Florida on June 17.