Open Up!

You are playing a numbers game. You need more – more advocates, more volunteers, more donors. The challenge is to make sure the numbers keeps going up.

That’s why you need to open the doors.

Yes, open up and invite people in. Give a tour. Make it easy for people to find you. Be welcoming.

Start with the tour. Invite people to come see your work. Even if it’s not very pretty, you can walk them through, give a dynamic presentation and answer questions. It’s a sure way to build a list of well-informed people.

Before they come, walk outside. Take at look at the actual door. Imagine you are coming for the first time. Is your office easy to find? Is it welcoming?

In addition to literally opening doors, look for other ways people might “meet” your organization.

Is your website friendly and easy to navigate?

Are your social media posts frequent, engaging and actionable?

What happens when you meet someone through networking or they find you online?

Put a plan in place so that each new contact receives a friendly greeting, an invitation to a tour and a chance to keep the conversation going.

Open Up! Show your pride while you’re creating smart, informed advocates.