Open Up. Let me in!

//Open Up. Let me in!

Your success if dependent on continually growing your base of support. You need a regular flow of people learning about you, becoming involved, advocating and donating.

Where does that flow come from?

As you look at each of your “points of entry” you’ll want to be sure they are all very welcoming, easy and transparent.

As a future-looking leader you will need to respond to the demand for easy access to information.

Take an inventory. Look carefully at the various ways people engage with you and learn about you.

Your adjustments may be just a tweak here and there but it could make a big difference. I bet you’ll discover opportunities to increase your interaction, engagement and results.

Check each of these to see how you’re doing, looking for ease and transparency. Engage some outsiders to try it too, they may see things differently.

  1. Google your org. Do a Google search for your organization and see what comes up. Is it what you want? While you’re at it Google yourself too.
  1. Visit your site. Find out how easy it is to learn about your organization, to feel connected and inspired. Check the About page, that’s where I always go first and I don’t stay long if I don’t find a clear explanation of you’re about. Is there good contact information?
  1. Check your ratings. Look at any listing you have, including GuideStar and Charity Navigator.
  1. Answer the phone. Call and see how the call is handled. Does the voice sound welcoming? Are there appropriate options?
  1. Reply to email. Review your standard email replies. Do you have a signature that provides good information? Be sure all email is reviewed and responded to in a timely way.
  1. Open the doors, literally. What do you visitors see? Is your office easy to find? Your workplace should be a reflection of your vision and as inviting as your home.

Open Up. Let me in! Be sure your organization is ready for all.