Nonprofit Marketing is a game. Like any good game, it’s fun, it’s challenging and there are rewards.

The chance of winning makes a game worth playing.

With marketing you always win.

A new game: Nonprofit Champion Challenge

After years of providing nonprofit marketing services, I wanted to find a way to make it easier for every organization – no matter the size or budget – to take advantage of marketing tricks, shortcuts and best practices.

I wanted every nonprofit to win.

I was determined to create an easy, free resource for you. After much research, collaboration and exploration, I found the answer.

It’s the Nonprofit Champion Challenge.

The Challenge is fun, practical journey that takes you through marketing steps. Each one is instantly, freely accessible to you.

Is it really fun?


Nonprofit Marketing is simply the activities and processes you put in place to attract the resources you need.

  • Going to a networking event is marketing.

  • Posting on Facebook is marketing.

  • Having lunch with a donor is marketing.

  • Sharing the results of a program is marketing.

Marketing is easy – once you know the right steps to take. That’s what we offer you.

Is there a hitch?

No. I love being able to give nonprofits what they need. I’m happy I have the experience, great partners and that we’ve done the trial and error for you.

Of course, I want to make money too so we continue to offer services for those who are ready to invest in great marketing, coaching and consulting.

Plus we have some great Challenge events in the works!

Let’s Play!

Sign up for the free Challenge. You’ll get a weekly email and some fun prizes.

Merle Benny is the founder of Nonprofit Champion, home to smart nonprofit leaders. Additionally, she’s a humorous and dynamic speaker, a skilled workshop leader and an enthusiastic host at Nonprofit Champion networking events.

Merle enthusiastically shares her passion for nonprofits, marketing and storytelling. As a consultant and coach she provides support and creative problem solving to nonprofit leaders and other consultants.

Merle is a presenter at the Nonprofit Consultants Institute, an annual training offered by Association of Nonprofit Specialists for new and rising consultants.