Nimble. Faster. Smarter.

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Is your strategic plan gathering dust?

Does your organization get bogged down with analysis?

Many organizations invest a lot of time, energy and money in assessing and planning that goes nowhere.

Your goal is to become nimble. Go for faster and smarter.

Future nonprofit leaders will create high-impact organizations flexible enough to experiment and grow in response to needs.

Heather McLeod Grant & Leslie R. Crutchfield, authors of Forces for Good, talk about creating high-impact organizations as a cycle with four critical steps:

  1. Listen to feedback from external environments and seek opportunities for improvement or change.
  2. Innovate and experiment, developing new ideas or improving older programs.
  3. Evaluate and learn what works with the innovation, sharing information and best practices across your networks.
  4. Modify plans and programs in a process of ongoing learning.

This never-ending cycle becomes part of your culture, helping you increase and sustain your impact.

Before your next meeting spend some time thinking about how you can inspire creativity. Look for ideation tools (many are free or low cost like these from Grove Tools) online that will make your work together more interesting, inspiring and productive.

Technology companies (looking for millions from investors) have one-page business plans! These are designed to allow for quick evaluation and adjustment. Take a look at this sample of a Business Model Canvas, it’s smart, efficient and adaptable.

Finally, think of your planning as a road map. You choose the best route but when there’s a delay or a detour, you adapt. Like your GPS saying “recalculating.”

Be nimble. Adapt. You’ll have fun and produce better results.