A New Way to Work

//A New Way to Work

As I explore the challenges and opportunities you have I see a bright future. Despite any political or economic factors there is an unprecedented excitement in the nonprofit community.

What follows is a series of thoughts and suggestions on how we might proceed. It is not a checklist to be done in a week or a month, but an ongoing process and an awareness of what is possible and how you might approach it.

It is a broad view of nonprofit sector health and the potential for greatest impact. It encompasses marketing, fundraising and, mostly, strong visible leadership.

It’s a new way to work…

  1. Vision First. Before the work, there’s the dream. Focusing on the end result drives your work and inspires others to follow.
  1. Collaborate. Others share your vision. Make them your partners, together you are stronger.
  1. Be Nimble. Be ready to adapt and change. Use new tools that make you flexible, faster and smarter.
  1. Tell Your Story. Your goal is to engage more people, nothing does it better than a good story.
  1. Technology is a Tool. We are done expecting miracles from social media, it’s time to use technology as a tool.
  1. Build Teams. You gain by creating teams that utilize and develop everyone’s talents.
  1. Advocate and Serve. It takes both to impact change. They complement each other and strengthen your outcomes.
  1. Open Up. Transparency is expected now, you need to be open, honest and accessible.
  1. Be a Social Entrepreneur. Raising more money may require reaching beyond the traditional, be ready for something new.
  1. Diversify. We still haven’t gotten it right. Create a culture where all views are heard and respected.

I explore each of these further, just follow the links. This may not be the definitive lists but it reflects what I’ve seen and heard. Like you, I’m always discovering and learning so the list will change. For now, I think an awareness of these 10 issues will go a long way to growing your organization.

A new way to work.