Minor Miracles

//Minor Miracles

Today I’m thinking about the little things. They are on my mind because I’m giving a keynote speech at a conference for Volunteer Directors.

My mother was a Volunteer Director, so I know how special this group will be. They are the ones who make an organization hum. I think it’s safe to say, it is not a role I would do well, but that makes me admire them all the more.

When I thought about the message I wanted to deliver to inspire them, it kept coming back to “Minor Miracles.”

Several years ago, I heard an Executive Director of a Mental Health agency talk about how his employees reported their Miracle of the Month. I loved the idea! Not only did the employees get the opportunity to share something special that happened to them, the organization was building a library of success stories. What a gold mine!

You don’t have to be in social services to perform or recognize miracles. What I’ve come to lovingly call Minor Miracles happen week in and week out. They are the little things that make you feel good about your work. They inch you closer to your organization’s vision, the world you are trying to create by doing your work. They may not be important enough for a press release but they do matter.

I encourage everyone to pay attention to the Minor Miracles. Take a minute to reflect on them, how good they make you feel, how just acknowledging them seems to create more Minor Miracles and, eventually some Major Miracles!