Why I Marched for Your Mission

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My nephew, a young dad, posted a question on Facebook. He asked what the Women’s March was about.

Why are they marching?

I think he sincerely wanted to know. The comments came fast and furious and some were real eye openers to me.

But the post got me thinking, why did millions march? I know why I marched but I was struck by the wide range of issues represented by the signs women (and men) carried in the marches.

Then it hit me: the concerns on those signs looked like a list of nonprofit causes.

Nonprofits exist to protect the rights of women, minorities, immigrants, children, the elderly and the disabled. Their missions may be help regardless, or because, of sexual orientation, country of origin or religion.

Nonprofits work for safe cities, social justice, equal pay for equal work. They protect the environment and address climate change.

Organizations strive to improve public education for all citizens, including children, college students and immigrants.

Our American nonprofits promote affordable healthcare and access to services; they even provide medical services.

Many of you work to make the arts accessible to all and to support artists. You preserve our history, protect our free speech and provide a voice to the voiceless.

Plus the many organizations for girls and women help to nurture us, educate us, develop our skills, protect our rights and our bodies and help us become strong leaders.

Yes, those signs read like a list of nonprofit causes and concerns.

But why do we masuffregetterch?

Maybe we march because every once in a while, we need to join with like-minded citizens to remind ourselves and governing bodies that our opinions matter.

Or we march to let it be known that we care about these issues. That we feel vulnerable and want to be heard. And to join hands around the world to show our numbers.

Many of the comments on my nephew’s Facebook post sounded angry. Not everyone agrees on the issues or the act of marching. He quickly took the post down.

As for me, I feel stronger knowing women in London, Rome, Sydney, Antarctica as well as Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and dozenmarch 3s of other cities, joined me.

As a Champion of Nonprofits, the Women’s March was also a reminder that supporting each other’s visions makes us stronger. After all, most nonprofits are working towards the same goal: to make life better.

I’m going to try to keep the spirit of the March with me all year long. I hope you will too!