Gather Miracles

//Gather Miracles

Several years ago I heard a nonprofit Executive Director (before they became CEOs) talk about gathering miracles. I had already learned how important storytelling is to success, but miracles?

I wanted to know more.

He told us how each employee in their child welfare organization reported his or her Miracle of the Month. Of course, I wondered, “How could they have so many miracles.”

He went on to explain that wondrous things happen all the time. But we overlook them. They aren’t important enough. Or they are hard to quantify. Maybe they are too small for most people to notice.

But his employees reported magical stories. Most often they were little things, maybe something a child said. Or a drawing. Or the employee’s successful placement. Things that might feel ordinary to you but are actually quite extraordinary.

I realized this concept – collecting miracles – wasn’t limited to needy children or even to social service. Every organization exists to make the world a better place and exceeds in doing that in some small way, day in an day out.

When you and your employees are looking for miracles, you will find them. And when you find them, you can share them.

You should share them.

Those everyday miracles are the very reason people care about you and your work. They are the reason they volunteer, advocate and donate.

Gather miracles.Everyday your work creates stories of success. Pay attention to them so you can share them. They are your single greatest marketing tool. Turn them into posts. Share them at events. Report your Miracle of the Month. That’s a great way to get started.