Celebrate Victories

//Celebrate Victories

It’s ok to have fun. Really. It makes you happier and more productive. A few minutes a day spent celebrating the little victories may pay off in big ways.

So why not create some fun?

Just like gathering miracles, we tend to wait for something big to happen or for the calendar to tell us it’s time for a party. But celebrating isn’t just about cake or annual events. Celebrate victories.

The reasons to celebrate are already there. You’re doing great work! You’re providing services, attracting donors, advocating for your clients, receiving grants, fulfilling dreams and building a fabulous resume.

How can you keep from singing?

Here are 5 feel good actions that will make your day:

  1. Celebrate donors: Treat a $10 gift like you do a $10,000 donation. You never know…
  2. Honor partners: Make employees, volunteers and clients feel special. Celebrate milestones and success. It’s a win-win, you feel good, they feel even better.
  3. Break bread: Never Eat Alone is the title of a book and good advice. You’re going to eat anyway, do it with someone else and make it special.
  4. Be joyful: It might sound too simple, but your attitude influences everyone around you. Be the one who makes everyone feel good about your vision and the work.
  5. Brag: Use social media to spread the word. You deserve an ego boost and so do all those who make your work possible.

When you’re on the look-out you’ll see victory everywhere!

Celebrate victories, even the little ones. You may be overlooking the small accomplishments while you’re waiting for the big one. Set small goals that are easy to reach, then make some noise. Have a party just because it feels good.