Pitch! How to speak & inspire giving


Pitching is what you are doing every time you talk about your organization. Whether it's a one-on-one conversation or you are on the stage sharing with hundreds. You are the pitcher and what you say matters. A great pitch, in baseball or fundraising, takes a great pitcher. You can become one by learning and practicing a few simple rules. What will you win? More advocates, more volunteers, more donors. It all starts with you. Here are 7 secrets that will make you a master at pitching your organization. It's not the greatest need that attracts the most money. It's the best [...]

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What is the problem you’d give your life to solve?


Sounds a little extreme. But the truth is, you are giving your life, day in and day out, to solve a problem. That's why nonprofits exist. You see the need and you've stepped up to make a difference. You have a vision. Your vision is your greatest tool. Really. There is no better way to attract what you need - volunteers, advocates, donors - than to state your vision. Over and over again. What is the problem you'd give your life to solve? Be sure that each and every person in your organization knows the vision and is able to say [...]

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Get Your Message Out There


How do you attract attention? You start by visually connecting with your audience. Yes, making a great impression really matters. If you want people to hear what you have to say, they have to like you. They have to feel a connection. That starts with a great first impression. Don't hire a pilot. Or run an ad. Or hold a gala. Just speak to each person and share your vision. They'll be flying high with you.  

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Open Up!


You are playing a numbers game. You need more – more advocates, more volunteers, more donors. The challenge is to make sure the numbers keeps going up. That’s why you need to open the doors. Yes, open up and invite people in. Give a tour. Make it easy for people to find you. Be welcoming. Start with the tour. Invite people to come see your work. Even if it’s not very pretty, you can walk them through, give a dynamic presentation and answer questions. It’s a sure way to build a list of well-informed people. Before they come, walk outside. Take [...]

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Nimble. Faster. Smarter.


Is your strategic plan gathering dust? Does your organization get bogged down with analysis? Many organizations invest a lot of time, energy and money in assessing and planning that goes nowhere. Your goal is to become nimble. Go for faster and smarter. Future nonprofit leaders will create high-impact organizations flexible enough to experiment and grow in response to needs. Heather McLeod Grant & Leslie R. Crutchfield, authors of Forces for Good, talk about creating high-impact organizations as a cycle with four critical steps: Listen to feedback from external environments and seek opportunities for improvement or change. Innovate and experiment, developing new [...]

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Yes! Collaborate Now.


Our local community foundation created a special grant for nonprofits that collaborate on a project. When funders incentivize collaboration you know it's time to pay attention. Yes, Collaborate. Now. If you are vision focused (and you should be, see why here) then you can’t help but connect. If everything you do is driven by your desire to reach your vision – your dream of a better future – then you’re going to be collaborating. How can you begin to solve the problem of homelessness without talking to other organizations in your city who share your vision? Their mission may be quite [...]

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Vision Before Mission


Let’s get started with a simple but necessary concept. It’s about what’s in your head and what comes out of your mouth. It’s your message. A shift in the way you think will open up a world of possibilities. It really is that simple. The shift is from Mission to Vision. Do they sound like the same thing to you? It may help you to think about the difference between a Visionary and a Missionary. One imagines what is possible, the other does the work. Both are good. But it’s Vision that makes something happen. It’s Vision that attracts followers. It’s [...]

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Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Nonprofit Marketing. Ready. Set. Go!


Nonprofit Marketing is a game. Like any good game, it’s fun, it’s challenging and there are rewards. The chance of winning makes a game worth playing. With marketing you always win. A new game: Nonprofit Champion Challenge After years of providing nonprofit marketing services, I wanted to find a way to make it easier for every organization – no matter the size or budget – to take advantage of marketing tricks, shortcuts and best practices. I wanted every nonprofit to win. I was determined to create an easy, free resource for you. After much research, collaboration and exploration, I found the [...]

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Example Blog Post


Why Magnetic Headlines Are Crucial for Your Posts Welcome to Rainmaker. This is a sample post to get you started on your journey. Don’t forget that your headline is the most important aspect of writing a great post, and getting readers to read your opening paragraph. The first four to six sentences of your post are critical, because if you don’t hook your audience, they will get bored and click away. What is the benefit you will provide readers that you promised in the title? Be sure to describe the signs of the problem you will offer a solution to toward [...]

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