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10 Steps to…Powerful Emails


Email is essential to your communication plan!  Every nonprofit organization uses email to give information, keep in touch, send announcements and invitations and ask for money.  Email is an effective tool, here you’ll learn how to maximize your results. Make your email work harder (and become a Champion at the same time!): Build a Great List.  Every nonprofit needs friends – and their addresses.  Be sure you have good email addresses for everyone you want to reach.  Continue to add addresses for people already in your database and for everyone new that you meet. Call to Action!  Decide before you write a [...]

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10 Steps to…Trouble-free Events


Events and nonprofits go together.  Most organizations have at least one major event a year.  Here I cover the full range – from preparing for a small event (even a meeting) to a grand one.  The basic steps are the same, the investment of time and money varies.  I do believe that every event deserves careful planning, a distinct purpose and some fun!  Here are your 10 Steps to Great Events: Know the purpose. Why are you gathering?  The best way to answer that question is to decide what you want the outcome to be.  Do you want to share information?  [...]

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10 Steps to a Great Video


Video is a powerful way to tell a story.  When your organization has a great storytelling video you have an emotional hook that will move people to respond.  You will need a professional to film and edit – these steps will help you understand and guide the process so you get just what you need. Here’s a checklist to help you manage a winning video: Know the purpose.  Video is special because it captures many voices and shows your Mission in action.  A video should not take the place of you or another person speaking; you can do that without the [...]

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10 Steps to Your Winning Story


You have a special, unique story.  It takes a little practice but you can learn to share your Vision so that people connect with it.  Once you create an emotional connection, you’ll have no trouble building a circle of friends and donors.  This is the first step on your path to fast growth in Your Million Dollar Story. Follow these 10 steps to create your own story. Why do you care? Remember your first involvement with the organization.  What did you see or hear that inspired you to get involved?  Remember the time and place and the people who got your [...]

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