Attracting Millennials

//Attracting Millennials

Surprise! Young people like me.

Really, they do.

When I was a 20 something the saying was, “Never trust anyone over 30.”

Today’s young adults not only trust us, they seek us out. I’ve found again and again that they want to learn from me and other people like me (well past 30).

I love it! They have energy, dreams and skills we won’t live long enough to master.

Here are my quick tips for attracting millennials to your board, staff or volunteer opportunities.

  1. Offer connections. The younger adults I meet through Toastmasters, One Million Cups or my work are eager to make connections. Share your contacts with them.
  1. Listen. This is true for all people but actively listening to someone younger or less advanced than you makes them feel good. Honor their opinions before you give advice.
  1. Ask for advice. When it comes to technology we know to turn to a younger generation. But I also turn to my children and my young adults friends for information on a wide variety of topics.
  1. Be a mentor. Whether it’s formal or informal, offer advice and guidance on career matters. I find young adults eager to learn and willing to listen.

I think you’ll find, like I have, that connecting with people younger than you are is fun, inspiring and useful. And I love that they want to hear what I have to say!