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Add Merle to your championship team

To stay at the top of your game sometimes you need a hand. Someone who brings a fresh, creative view, tons of experience and the insight to see the possibilities and help you make dreams come true.

Nonprofit Champion is your creative problem solver.

For start-ups and well-known organizations, Nonprofit Champion delivers the resources you need for great communications, strong leadership, powerful marketing, mission-driven events and over-the-top fundraising.

Merle Benny created Nonprofit Champion as a different type of consulting group, one based on the latest tools, deep research and real-world experience.

Think of Merle as your strategy coach, pitch-hit manager, or inspirational guru. Plus, she has an extensive network of experts to draw from in the New York/New Jersey and Tampa Bay communities and everywhere in between.

Nonprofit Champion jumpstarts creativity, builds strategic clarity (not with reports, but real game plans that we put to the test) and sparks action to advance your cause. Because your cause matters.

Speaker. Leader. Volunteer. Owner. Marketer.

An award-winning speaker, Merle combines humor, inspiration and real-world experiences to influence an audience (that includes raising $200,000 in gifts and pledges in one hour, annually). Whether it’s 10 people or 1000, Merle engages the crowd and leaves them feeling motivated.

Leadership comes naturally to Merle. From President of a Wall Street company to serving as board officer in several organizations including social services, professional associations and cultural institutions, she communicates, connects and empowers.

Merle partnered with her husband to create a New York marketing and creative services company that served the largest and fastest growing technology companies. She honed the skills that she later used to help nonprofits grow.

Merle’s marketing skills have transformed industries and brought new life to old organizations. From her contributions to the growth and development of the national homeless family housing program, Family Promise, to her role in creating Good Grief and Imagine, two pioneering grief support organizations, to the rebranding of HANDS, a ground breaking neighborhood development organization, Merle has provided branding, event management, fundraising and marketing expertise to dozens of organizations.

A love letter from Merle

I created Nonprofit Champion with one goal: to support the work of nonprofit leaders. The seeds for my work were planted way back when I was in the Brownies.

I became a Brownie in the 2nd grade and soon heard about Juliette Low. She became my idol. I loved hearing of a woman who (in addition to having an unconventional life story) founded an organization just for girls.

Her story and the values I learned in Girl Scouts have stuck with me all my life. During my fast-paced New York corporate career I kept a place in my heart and room in my life to work with the nonprofits I loved. Including the Girl Scouts.

When I decided to take my leadership and marketing skills and leave the tech industry to work exclusively with nonprofits I realized Juliette’s impact. I didn’t want to be her – I wanted to create more Juliette Lows.

Whether you are a founder, a director, or just starting out, I want to help you become the best leader you can be. I want to help you make your dream come true by building a strong organization with ever-growing resources.

I hope to hear from you. I’m always ready to hear your story.

Merle Rants & Raves

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