Your Million Dollar Story

This is it the Complete Guide to FAST Growth for Nonprofits!  It’s an easy to use, how-to guide for people and organizations who want to change the world and want to do it now.  Learn the steps to create BIG results.

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Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • You have a unique story.
  • The 5 steps from story to fundraising that are the basis for all FAST GROWTH.
  • The secret to finding partners – corporations, foundations and individuals – to support your Mission.
  • PLUS, a secret formula for telling your story and getting the results you want!


Merle Benny is the Founder of Nonprofit Champion, a resource for fast track nonprofit leaders and the creator of Your Million Dollar Story. While building a successful career at Mc-Graw Hill and AIG, Merle was on a personal quest to understand how to help nonprofits grow and prosper. As a volunteer she learned to market and fundraise, raising millions for organizations. Partnering with Joe Landi, a branding expert and Duncan Pettigrew, a videographer, they created a system for all nonprofits to grow and raise more money. The result is Your Million Dollar Story.

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