Telling Your Story, Getting Results

imagesCA2HMZUMI read the New York Times obituaries.  They are wonderful little stories of people’s lives, generally famous people.  Luckily for them, they had the opportunity to tell their story before they died.  Not to be morbid, but I want you to do that to!

You have a wonderful, unique story.  Happily for the universe you have chosen to work with a nonprofit organization.  We all benefit because you, and other Nonprofit Champions, devote your energy and talent to bettering the world.

Make your stories memorable and inspirational.   A memorable story alters the listener’s perspective and is retold often.  An inspirational story is emotional and moves the listener to take action.

These are just the stories you need to build your network of friends and donors.  Your Million Dollar Story starts with you crafting your story.  It’s first and it’s the most important.  Your story has the power to move people to action.
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Our goal is to help you develop Your Story and get people to:
1. Pay attention to what you have to say
2. Understand and remember the point you are making
3. Agree with you and believe in what you value
4. Care about what you care about
5. Take the action that you want them to take

You have many stories. Your life experience is full of your own stories plus you have read and heard others that impacted your life and choices.  Your Million Dollar Story is designed to help you create a story that sticks with your audience. You’ll build a story that calls on others to care and take action.

We created Your Million Dollar Story because we want to put you on the fast track to your Vision.  It’s a step-by-step process, we’re right there with you while you craft your story, identify funders, deliver your message and raise the funds to fulfill your vision.

Download the free e-book to get started today.  Follow the 5 steps and you’ll be creating your own Million Dollar Story. 

Merle Benny is the Founder of Nonprofit Champion, a resource for fast track nonprofit leaders and the creator of Your Million Dollar Story.  While building a successful career at Mc-Graw Hill and AIG, Merle was on a personal quest to understand how to help nonprofits grow and prosper.  As a volunteer she learned to market and fundraise, raising millions for organizations.  Partnering with Joe Landi, a branding expert and Duncan Pettigrew, a videographer, they created a system for all nonprofits to grow and raise more money.  The result is Your Million Dollar Story.

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