Stop Asking for Money

catiemarronJust a quick post today prompted by an interview in Sunday’s New York Times.

Catie Marron is co-chair of the High Line in New York (I’ll write more about that great nonprofit another day) and past chair of the New York Public Library.  In other words, she’s raised millions of dollars.  Make that a billion – she oversaw a $1.2 billion capital campaign for the Library!  So much for the gloom and doom about the future of libraries.

Anyway, what really caught my attention was a comment by her:

“You don’t go out and ask people for money.  Instead, you create a place where they want to be involved.”

Excellent advice!  Catie attributes it to Andrew Heiskell (former CEO of Time).  It’s true, if you are creating a great organization, TELLING YOUR STORY and inspiring people to care, you don’t have to ask.  You will attract the people you need and want – as donors, leaders and evangelists.

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